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With a comprehensive and powerful portfolio of features, Planckly is your one stop solution to all your E-Store aches

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Bulk-Upload Inventory
  1. Download bulk template excel file
  2. Add your inventory to the template and upload
  3. Your store inventory is setup for you in no time
Stock Report
  1. Filter stock information by item and dates
  2. View and export generated stock report
  3. Re-stock your inventory smartly
  1. Create promotional campaign
  2. Select promotion type and items
  3. Customers can now see promotion on items
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Giving Small-scale Merchants a Stage to Be More
Continuous Growth and Lasting Stability.
Starting a new business these days is not so easy, but thanks to Planckly I have created my own store to introduce my product to a wider audience efficiently managing my inventory in the process.
~ Chhay Chan
Customer satisfaction was a difficult feat to achieve on the world of internet. Thankfully, Planckly gives me several ways to communicate with my customers to provide them a better experience.
~ Syed Bilal Rizwan
Christmas season used to be an overwhelming time for my shop due to unusually large volume of orders and managing them was getting more difficult each year. Planckly made my life so much easier in terms of managing my orders and keeping track of my inventory.
~ Tiffany Baker
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